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SA Microchip Implanter Information

Only an attack trained dog, a guard dog or a patrol dog must be microchipped.

Currently, it is not compulsory to microchip cats and dogs in South Australia.

Registered vets are authorised to implant microchips.

Vets are able to offer microchipping as a service to their clients and can register owner details on a number of registries.

We offer pre-paid registration to The Australasian Animal Registry who operate Australia wide and are perfect for SA implanters.

Regulations governing microchipping is handled by Dog and Cat Management Board.
Towards the end of 2008, the Dog and Cat Management Board sought broad public comment on Regulatory Impact Assessments on cat management and the options for mandatory microchipping.

At its meeting of 24 March 2009 the Board noted that the majority of respondents were representatives of councils and special interest groups. The submissions received were inconclusive in their response to the options and more information is required. The Board will undertake further research to determine whether the management of cats or the permanent identification of companion animals is a significant community concern before proposing any legislative amendments in this regard.


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