Halo Scanner and Microchips Starter Pack

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Key Features

Excellent Value Starter Pack

Including our best selling Microchip Scanner

with 30 ISO FDX-B Mini Microchips

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Additional Options

Product Description

What’s Included:

  • Halo Microchip Scanner – Colour of choice
  • 30 x  ISO FDX-B Mini Microchips
  • Available in 6 colour choices Black, white, Pink, Blue, Green, and Purple
  • Optional Travel Case

What the Halo Scanner will read:

  • ISO FDX-B (most common chip type)
  • FDX A (Destron, AVID, AEG)
  • EM4102

What’s in the box:

  • Halo Microchip Scanner
  • USB cable for PC connection
  • Owner’s manual
  • 3 x 10 pack of ISO FDX-B Mini Microchips
  • 12 months warranty


Diameter 1.4mm x 8mm length
Frequency 134.2 kHz (ISO FDX B 11784 – 11785)
15 digit unique number
Bio Glass encapsulated
Water Immersion to IP68
Operating Temperature 0 to +50oC
Peak Temperature – up to 120oC
Resistant to salt water, alcohol, oil, 10% HCL and ammoniac
Certified by ICAR – International Committee for Animal Recording
100% Approved for use Australia wide


Individually packaged in easy to open sterile bags
Safety cap and safety lock on implanter
6 duplicate labels, barcoded for easy processing


  • Reads FDX-B (ISO standard)
  • Reads FDX-A (Destron, AEG) and EM4102
  • Scanning distance: from 10 to 12cm
  • Dimensions: 135mm Diameter x 33mm
  • Weight: 163g
  • Display: 2 lines of 16 characters
  • Scans per chare: 1000
  • Standby Time: 2 months (typically)
  • Operating temperature: – 0° to + 50°
  • Power supply: Internal lithium rechareable battery
  • Charge time: 3.5 hours
  • Memory function: storage capacity of 2000 identifiers
  • Connectivity: USB port
  • Manufactured in Great Britain


  • Halo Microchip Scanner
  • USB cable for PC connection
  • Owner’s manual
  • 3 x 10 pack of ISO FDX-B Mini Microchips
  • 12 months warranty

Please Note:

The Halo Scanner will NOT be able to read and identify the TROVAN UNIQUE microchip. If you need to be able to identify the TROVAN UNIQUE microchip please consider purchasing the Trovan Multi Reader Scanner.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a special microchip that is encrypted so it can only be read by a Trovan scanner. It was used over 10 years ago prior to the introduction of Australian standards concerning microchips. Animal shelters and vets who regularly scan older animals should purchase the Trovan Multi Reader so they can be certain the animal is not already microchipped.

If you are currently using a certain microchip type, have a look at the products information. If it states that it is an FDX-A, ISO FDX-B then the Halo will be able to read it.

In Australia and in most part of the world the ISO FDX-B microchip is mostly used. The Halo is guaranteed to read all ISO FDX-B microchip types.

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