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In general we recommend the following:

NSW: ISO FDX-B Microchips without registration. You do not need to include registration when implanting because NSW has its very own pet registry.

QLD, VIC, ACT: Microchips + Rego. You are required to include registration with a licensed registry when implanting. AAR are licensed and approved.

All other States: Microchips + Rego. It is important you register the owner details on a registry. AAR operate Australia wide.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You must be a registered veterinarian or an authorised implanter to implant microchips in Australia. We only sell to VETS and AUTHORISED IMPLANTERS.

No. NSW implanters need to register owner details on the NSW run registry, this is free. NSW implanters are required to enter details at or by mailing details to their local council. We recommend you purchase ISO FDXB Microchips.

QLD, VIC and ACT implanters are required by law to include lifetime registration with a licensed registry such as The Australasian Animal Registry. SA, WA, NT and TAS can also purchase to add value to their microchipping service. AAR operates Australia wide and is a trusted pet registration service. Our Microchip & Rego Package is an ideal solution, taking care of your microchip and registration needs for one low price.

Yes, but only if you already have arrangements with another licensed registry as you are required by law to include lifetime registration when implanting.

We sell our microchips in packs of 10. If you require 30 microchips please purchase 3 packs in total. If you require 50 microchips please purchase 5 packs in total.


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