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Very cost effective solution for everyday
scanning, reads most common chip types.
Attractive colours,
Optional Travel Case
12 months Warranty



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Trovan Lid 560 ISO Pocket Reader
Reads the most common chip types
Portable powered by 9v battery
12 months warranty


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RT100 – Reads all common microchip types just not the special Trovan Unique microchip which was sold prior to 2001. Great for breeders, mobile implanters and vets who do not regularly scan for microchips in older animals.

Trovan – Same as RT100 but also can read the Trovan Unique microchip. We recommend the Trovan scanner to vets, councils and shelters who regularly scan older animals, especially in Victoria and South Australia where most of the Trovan Unique microchips were sold. Current microchips from Trovan are now ISO FDX-B which can be read by both scanners, as well as Allflex ear tags, HDX tags and FDX-A tags.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are currently using a certain microchip type, have a look at the products information. If it states that it is an ISO FDXA, ISO FDXB or HDX then both scanners will be able to read it.
In Australia, and in most part of the world, the ISO FDX-B microchip is mostly used. The RT100 and Trovan scanners are guaranteed to read all ISO FDX-B microchip types.
Both scanners are basically the same, the only difference is the RT100 is unable to read the encrypted Trovan Unique microchip.