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ISO FDX-B Microchip Technical Specification

Technical information on the ISO FDX-B microchips we supply.

Our ISO FDX-B Microchips are manufactured by HID GLOBAL, a world leader in RFID technology.

Microchip Technical Information

– Diameter 3mm x 12mm length
– Frequency 134.2 kHz (ISO FDX-B 11784 – 11785)
– 15 digit unique number
– Bio Glass encapsulated
– Water Immersion to IP68
– Operating Temperature 0 to +50oC
– Peak Temperature – up to 120oC
– Resistant to salt water, alcohol, oil, 10% HCL and ammoniac
– Approved for use Australia wide


– Individually packaged in easy to open sterile bags
– Safety cap and safety lock on implanter
– 6 duplicate labels, barcoded for easy processing


ISO FDX-B Microchips Explained

In Australia implanters are required to implant only ISO FDX-B microchips. This ensures lost animals can easily be identified when scanned.

As the name suggests ISO FDX-B microchips are manufactured to the specifications set by ISO 11784 and ISO 11785.

ISO FDX-B microchips transmit data at a frequency of 134.2khz and contain a unique 15 digit code.

All microchips supplied by OzMicrochips are ISO FDX-B and are approved for use Australia wide.

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