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How to become an Authorised Microchip Implanter

The steps you will need to take to become an authorised microchip implanter will vary depending on which State you live in.

In most cases registered veterinarians will be the only persons qualified to conduct the implanting of microchips for the purpose of identifying companion animals and assist in animal control.

There are some States, such as New South Wales and Queensland, who allow individuals, other than registered veterinarians, to obtain the necessary qualifications to legally implant microchips.

NSW - Becoming an Authorised Implanter

New South Wales legislation makes it quite easy for dog breeders, cat breeders and individuals offering a pet service to obtain the necessary qualifications to legally implant microchips.

You will need to enroll in a 1 day microchipping course at selected TAFE centres which costs approximately $320. After you complete the course you are then required to conduct a given amount of implants under the supervision of a qualified person before you are issued with your accreditation.

QLD - Becoming an Authorised Implanter

Since the introduction of compulsory microchipping in Queensland is quite new it is much more difficult for non-vet individuals to obtain the qualifications due to the lack of educational providers offering accredited courses.

If you are not a registered veterinarian but have the following qualifications you will be able to enroll in an approved microchipping course to obtain your accreditation.

Registered Training Organization
- Advanced Certificate in Veterinary Nursing
- Certificate III in Animal Technology
- Certificate III in Companion Animal Services
- Certificate III in Local Government (Animal Management)
- Certificate IV in Animal Control and Regulation
- Certificate IV in Animal Welfare (Regulation)
- Certificate IV in Captive Animals
- Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services
- Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

University of Queensland
- Bachelor of Applied Science (Veterinary Technology)

If you have one of the above qualification or you are a registered veterinarian you will be able to enroll in an approved microchipping course and become an authorised implanter.

Approved microchipping courses are offered by the following organisations:

Animal Industries Resource Centre
Phone 07 3289 1900
Email: enquiries@avnrc.com.au

Brisbane North Institute of TAFE
Phone 131 248
Email: enquiry.bnit@deta.qld.gov.au

Australian Veterinary Association
Phone 07 3423 1844
Email: avaqld@ava.com.au

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